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See how our coaching has helped other leaders and companies reach their potential.


Check out the results Stacie has gotten for Business Professionals and Executives!

Helped Our Client get a $65K raise when he was hoping for $5k!

We have proof we can be a game-changer for you and your career. My client, a Marketing Executive, was able to confidently ask for the raise he always wanted, by creating a compelling and fact-based case. We shifted his thinking from believing he was only worth another $5K to negotiating himself to an incredible $65K raise!

Helped An Executive Get her dream promotion to Chief Diversity Officer!

Thanks to my guidance and support, our client, a high-level Executive, successfully secured a well-deserved promotion to Chief Diversity Officer. Not only that, but her team was fully prepared for her transition, ensuring a smooth handover.

Took a Long Term Client to new heights by providing Consistent Guidance!

We’ve had a client for several years, spanning across three different industries. Through our guidance she consistently propelled her career to new heights, resulting in salary increases, promotions, and a significant boost in confidence. She now has a happy home life with her Husband and a brand-new baby.

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Business Owners & Organizations

Check out the results Stacie has gotten for Corporations, Businesses, and Other Organizations!

Employee Retention, Enhanced Communication, and Bottom Line Growth!

Our client, a business owner was able to enhance communication within their team, resulting in the retention of top performers and the elimination of underperforming individuals. The positive energy in the office attracted a 110% increase in the client waiting list, leading to the hiring of 5 new staff members who immediately felt the positive vibes upon entering the workspace.

Streamlined Workflow, Eliminated Redundancy, and Increased Productivity

Helped a team streamline their workflow, eliminating redundancy and increasing their productivity to a staggering 120%! They communicate now with ease, leaving them more time to focus on other important tasks.

Time Management, Work-Life Integration, and Increased Focus

We helped transform my clients’ time management skills. She no longer spends hours agonizing over the perfect words or procrastinating on how to delegate and ask for what she wants from her team. She now has more time to focus on her personal life and other important aspects of her business.

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