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Ranging from professional and executive coaching to assessments, courses, and group training, our services provide the ultimate boost you are looking for to stir up the changes you want to see! We have services for individuals and organizations alike, and have fine-tuned each offering to ensure optimal success for our clients. Check out our core offerings below to see if a conversation would make sense for you! 


That propels you forward in your career and business!

Middle Management Coaching

We collaborate with individuals to unlock their potential and achieve their goals. We provide a confidential and supportive environment, serving as a sounding board to help clients gain self-awareness, clarify their objectives, and take meaningful actions. Our insightful and inviting approach ensures that you receive the guidance and support needed to reach your full potential and thrive.

Group Coaching

We offer group coaching, where we work closely with teams to help them achieve a common goal. By leveraging the strengths of each individual, we create a dynamic and vibrant workplace environment. Our approach emphasizes collaboration, ensuring that everyone is actively engaged and contributing. We believe in infusing fun and balance into our coaching sessions because we know that happy teams are the most productive.

Concierge /Elite Partner Coaching

For high-level executives seeking personalized guidance, we offer a unique blend of coaching and consultancy that goes beyond conventional coaching approaches.

It’s a tailored approach to your development, providing the guidance, perspective, and insights needed to navigate the complexities of your role. This service is a commitment to your continuous growth, unlocking your potential and ensuring you’re equipped to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Imagine having a confidant who understands your challenges, and aspirations. Our service is designed to provide a confidential and supportive environment where you can freely explore ideas, act as your sounding board, helping you untangle complex decisions and offering insights that stem from years of experience, without judgment and free from office politics.

The distinction of our service lies in its adaptability. Sometimes, we’re not just working one-on-one; we’re brought in to collaborate with your team, fostering an environment of collective growth. Whether it’s refining leadership skills, enhancing team dynamics, or strategizing for innovation, we’re here to help your entire ecosystem flourish.

Professional Training

For you and your team!

We offer a wide range of training courses designed to elevate your career, enhance your workplace experience, and sharpen your skills for success. Our courses are meticulously crafted to address every aspect of professional growth, catering to individuals and teams alike.

Diverse Course Catalog

Explore our comprehensive selection of courses that cover career development, workplace culture, leadership skills, team dynamics, soft skills mastery, and human resources, sales and marketing strategies. Our courses are tailored to meet the unique challenges of today’s dynamic business landscape.

Flexible Learning Options:

  • Self-Paced Online – Dive into our engaging online modules at your own pace. Access course materials, interactive quizzes, and assignments whenever it’s most convenient for you. This option allows you to learn from anywhere and at any time, giving you the flexibility to balance your professional development with your other commitments.


  • Live Interaction – For those seeking a more interactive experience, join our live virtual classes.  Engage in real-time discussions, ask questions, and benefit from the collective insights of fellow participants. These sessions are designed to foster collaboration and deeper understanding.

Course Customization:

We understand that every learner’s needs are unique. Therefore, we offer tailored courses for organizations looking to upskill their teams. Whether it’s aligning with specific corporate goals, addressing team dynamics, or refining leadership skills, we can create a custom curriculum that suits your requirements.


To help you identify your strengths and how to use them!

Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment reveals what specific attitudes and filters you’ve developed over your lifetime and how they influence the results you’re achieving in your work and home life.  It measures your current potential leadership ability (the potential you have for motivating and inspiring others as well to take positive and purposeful action to achieve success). This is important because the more conscious and engaged you are, the more productive and successful you can be in all aspects of your professional and personal life as stress is reduced.

Kolbe A™ Index

The Kolbe A Index (Instinct Test) is the only Conative Assessment. It’s the only system that measures conation — how you take action. Kolbe A™ Index results are stable, unbiased, and predict how people perform.  Unlike a traditional assessment, it does not measure intelligence, personality, or social style, it measures the instinctive ways you and your team take action. Use your custom Kolbe A Index Results to be more productive, less stressed, and unlock joy at work.

Communication Archetype assessment

Discover how different people at work respond to your communication efforts. Some actively listen and offer assistance, while others prioritize outcomes and deadlines. Some prefer persuasive arguments, while others prefer written communication for further consideration.

These instances exemplify the four communication styles or archetypes in the workplace, as described by Dr. Tony Alessandra. Understanding your primary communication method and the others’ can greatly enhance your understanding of how you communicate and how you are perceived. By acknowledging and embracing these varying styles, you can optimize your interactions, avoid conflicts, and achieve your desired results.

Gain valuable insights into crafting clear messages that resonate with your colleagues, supervisors, and staff. Reduce tension, frustration, and misunderstandings, while establishing rapport and trust efficiently.

Motivating By Appreciation Inventory assessment

Research has demonstrated individuals differ in how they experience feeling appreciated at work. That is, not everyone feels appreciated in the same ways. The Motivating By Appreciation Inventory is designed to gain a clearer picture of each individual’s primary language of appreciation as experienced in a work-related setting. This then can provide accurate information to others (supervisors, staff, and coworkers) so they can “hit the mark” in communicating appreciation in the ways that are meaningful to you.

Once you understand which language of appreciation is most (and least) important to you, this information can be shared with everyone you work with. We will discover your primary, secondary and your least favorite language from taking this online survey.

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