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Leadership Development

Unlock your full leadership potential with our tailored programs that empower you to inspire, strategize, and lead with confidence.

Career Development

Navigate your professional journey with personalized guidance, actionable insights, and proven strategies to achieve your career aspirations.

Career Transitions

Seamlessly transition to new career horizons with our comprehensive support, including resume refinement, interview preparation, and guidance through every step of your change.

Skills Training

Elevate your skills through our expert-led courses and one-on-one coaching, designed to sharpen your abilities and drive your professional growth.

Work-Life Integration

Achieve harmony between your career and personal life through practical techniques and personalized strategies that enhance your well-being and productivity.

Trusted Partnerships

We stand by your side as your confidant and guide, offering expert insights to help you navigate challenging decisions and achieve your goals with confidence.

Meet Stacie


I’m Stacie Speaker, the driving force behind Ready Now Lead Consulting Group. With over 25 years of experience in entertainment and licensing, I’ve honed my skills in building high-performing teams and effective business processes. As an ICF Professional Certified Coach with a passion for coaching, I’ve empowered countless individuals and teams, from entry-level talents to C-Suite leaders, fostering collaboration and innovation.

My extensive client roster includes Fortune 500 companies and globally recognized organizations, a testament to my commitment to tailored organizational development and business process management. With a warm and personable approach, I blend expertise with a genuine connection to help organizations succeed.

Ready to embark on a journey to lasting success? Let’s connect, and I’ll show you the path.

Stacie Speaker

CEO, Executive Coach

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Achieve Your Professional Goals With A Trusted Partner In Your Corner

Partner with Ready Now Lead and get ready to maximize your career and enjoy the benefits of having a true ally on your side as you navigate tough decisions and new opportunities!

See What Others Are Saying

“I was a crossroad in my career and while I was unsure of what to expect from a coach, I just trusted my gut. Working with Stacie, I felt empowered, improved my perspective on things, improved my management abilities, and this prepared me for a higher-level role, which I was offered. I am not sure I could’ve done it without her on my side.”
"Stacie has been incredibly valuable in helping me have a better sense of self and confidence in navigating some areas of my new executive role. She has helped me unpack some challenging situations to better manage my team, my personal expectations, and work+life balance."
"I've enjoyed working with Stacie over this past year. She provides high energy and creates the feeling that she is truly vested in you, no joke, no fluff. She wants you to succeed. Your success is in her success. She is genuine and tailors herself to you. When things waiver, she will work with you and is flexible to your needs at the moment.  She provides a true assessment in a realistic view of where you are at with your own energy and understanding of the perception of how you may be coming across to others.”
“She has a different vibe than other coaches, it is more formal with others. You can be yourself with Stacie. Your authentic-self shines thru and when that happens, others can be authentic. She has a way of connecting with the executive level and salt of the earth people.”
"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for your insight, support, and collaboration to look at my primary drivers and what can help overcome barriers that I put up. I am in a better place because of you."
“Stacie as a trusted advisor role could be compared to a Tele-Doc service. If a person needs help as an emergency service, she would be on speed dial, or as an on-call service. This would allow for brainstorming on issues and situations, working through transitional periods, and using her as a mentor role.”
“Pretested our team which was at 27%. Then retested the team with results of 29% before hiring coaching services with Stacie. They tested the team after the services were provided and the results of engagement of communication was 80%. Stacie conducted intensive work with supervisors and division heads, focusing on leadership and leading a team.”

Trusted by Professionals and Executives of World-Class Organizations

Ready Now Lead helps Executives and Professionals Get un-stuck so that they can get results!


  • Feeling stuck, justifying a bad situation, and making excuses.
  • Being on a stagnant career path and feeling passed over.
  • Feeling institutionalized and undervalued for the contributions you bring.
  • Seen as a team player but not a team leader.
  • Struggling with a salary that doesn’t match your actual work output.
  • Dealing with difficult bosses and workplace challenges.


  • Embracing growth and confidently tackling challenges.
  • Navigating a dynamic career path with purposeful advancement.
  • Recognizing your unique value and achieving recognition.
  • Transforming into a team leader who inspires and guides.
  • Commanding a salary that reflects your exceptional contributions.
  • Thriving under leadership and contributing to a positive workplace culture.

Are you ready to get Un-Stuck?

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